H&R Lowering Springs and Wheel Spacers in Dubai – Performance on the Road

Lowering gives your car a more aggressive stance, while also allowing it to hug the road better. This translates to improved car control, handling, and stability. Lowering also improves the visual appeal of your car, giving it a sleeker and sportier profile. If you are looking for premium quality lowering springs and wheel spacers, there is one company you can count on for quality aftermarket parts – MotorSports Wheels Middle East.

H&R Springs was established by Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen in 1984 to design, develop, and manufacture precision aftermarket suspension systems and compenents. H&R Springs was the first brand to pass the stringent regulations of the Technischer Uberwachungs Verein (TUV) – the motor vehicle safety regulatory body in Germany – for lowering springs. It was also the first company to receive an Approval Certificate from the TUV. Their initial success blazed a trail that others would follow over the years, as they continued to produce innovative advancements in suspension systems.

In further pursuit of engineering excellence, the company claimed in 1993 they met the more sophisticated certification standards set by the Allgemeine Betriebs – Erlaubnis (ABE) for their spring sets and suspension kits.

Today, H&R Springs is known for producing premium quality springs resistant to sagging or setting. Crafted from special (hf) 54SiCr6 steel, each spring is shot-peened to improve product lifespan by more than 200%.

In addition, the company also designs and manufactures H&R wheel spacers that are incredibly lightweight and durable, to give your car a wide racing stance. With hard anodized coating, these spacers are designed to deliver precision fitment and excellent durability. To ensure durability and performance in the most challenging conditions, each product goes through rigorous testing before it leaves the ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility in Germany.

Motorsport Wheels offer the full range of precision H&R components for road, track-day and competition use:

  • TRAK+ wheel spacers
  • Sports H&R Lowering Springs
  • Coil-Over Kits
  • Anti-Sway Bars


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